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released March 17, 2015



all rights reserved


SOUTH X SEA Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Raise Them Bones
from the heightest of heights im just a cell in a cancer
i’ve had thirty whole years to get this right
but im still waking up to find it gets boring just walking the line
cos i’m still pacing the room in my underwears
with my “they can’t sees” and “i don’t cares”
the world isn’t just what i make of it
i get what’s left once you take from it

so if you’re sitting up
holding your life’s worth in your hands
and they’re saying give it up
every hare brain scheme and plan
Track Name: Does it Amaze Thee?
all the ways i think i’m a man i am still just a boy
and every time i think i have a plan the road ahead gets destroyed
im chewing off the skin from my finger nails
hoping some half studied drug is gonna tip the scales
am i just hyper motivated or a masochist
i’d take a tub filled with bleach over a life with this

staring at a stucco ceiling i just cant stop feeling
like im falling back on every little
thought crime that worked out for me big time
thinking on the old life back when i was always very thirsty
now gaining weight at thirty has got me pretty thirsty

if i was just crazy
we could work through things in good time
but im too lazy
so it’s back to the couch where i find my days get hazy
watching lives im thankful ain’t mine
does it amaze thee?
that i could be this banged up and still thrive

every inch of ground i think i’ve gained
comes at a much steeper grade
i’ve lost my place for the hundredth time today
so i re read the same page
im wiping off blood from my fingernails
because i bit too much as a thought prevailed
and the words that dissolved my mental dam?
“is this all i want or all i am?”

i wish that i could just stop wishing i was punk rock
i hear every tick tock counting down to
stressing over grey hairs interviews at day cares
wishing i was still where everything was dirty clothes and napsacks
spot for me a six pack
i could never go back, i will never go.

too much everything everywhere all the time
Track Name: Eat My Hands
cancel all my plans to fight
im gonna eat my hands tonight

ive been trying to grow
im on my third rotation
if im cut down again (timber)
permanent deforestation

spending the afternoon in nihilism
as i pine for in-n-out
i tilt the seat back to scratch an itch
while i ponder the western drought

looking up average life expectancy
cos this modern life is killing me

cancel all my plans to fight
im gonna eat my hands tonight
so i cant hold on to hope so tight
im gonna eat my hands tonight

there’s been much debate
about how and when to germinate
is it too late?
i’ll just trust the breeze and test fate

a jazz cigarette in the park before dark
desperate times call for a creative spark
an act of terrorism in the laziest way
words of mass distraction

you might always get depressed
you might miss it when it starts
you might never really get your rest
you might never really be your best
(too much everything everywhere all the time)
Track Name: Brooks Was Here
somebody help me out of bed
these ideations they’ve weighed down my head
im sick of trudging along
and my cats are nipping like i’m already gone

this is just how it goes
you’re born, you live, you die alone
you’re not the only one
being burned in the sun

if i sit still enough maybe the bugs will come eat me
skip the burial process and all the drugs they’d feed me
just to keep me alive until i’ve withered completely
if it’s all in my head then let me out

there’s a voice of dissent
speaking up from within telling me “everything you do sucks”
and there’s to point to
beginnenglish is never my friend
it’s a means to an end
every conversation i could never ever begin

there’s a voice of dissent speaking up from within
telling me we should move to the woods